Mimikyu Z Move Revealed!!!!

Welcome back aboard the airship, fam!  I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off!  Well, not really the jump off, I’ll leave that to Lil’ Kim and Mr. Cheeks, but I do have a new post! YESSSSSS!

With Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon’s release drawing nigh, Nintendo and the Pokemon company have been teasing us with various spoilers leading up to the games’ drop date on November 17!  The trailers have all been pretty noteworthy so far, but this is the one that has gotten me the most hype, with the Team Rainbow Rocket being a close second!

If this isn’t the most creepily adorable thing ever!  “Let’s Snuggle Forever”, it sounds so demonic, so twin-girls-in-the-hallway-of-The-Shining-esque and I am here for every moment of this!  Now y’all know Mimikyu is one of my favorite Alola mons, and I am just overly filled with joy that it has its own terrifying Z-Move!


So let’s break this vid down one time for the one time.  The trainer does the Z-Dance to initiate the move and summon Mimikyu.  Mimikyu then runs off into battle, but not before turning around and giving its trainer a loving glance.  Now, the enemy pokemon (which is a Tyranitar), is shown to be in a dark forest.  Mimikyu is then seen as a blur while it moves like a damn ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village in and out of the trees.  This Tyranitar tho?!  He is shooketh!  Mimikyu then drops down on the Tyranitar from above AND THEN PULLS IT INTO ITS DISGUISE!  All that is shown to us is the shadowy mass that is Mimikyu’s body, its outstretched shadowy hands ready to snuggle with the Tyranitar, and a set of haunting, glowing red eyes.  Everything on screen goes black.

Next, we are treated to a comical sight of Mimikyu’s entire disguise stretched over Tyranitar.  The trainer gives a sadistic smile and thumbs up to Mimikyu, signaling it to start the attack.  It proceeds to throw all of the hands on Tyranitar beneath its disguise before finally ejecting it away from the area.  The attack does super effective damage on Tyranitar, so we can assume that it is a fairy type move, based on one of Tyranitar’s types being dark.  Furthermore, Let’s Snuggle Forever seems to be the Z-Move version of Play Rough, honestly.

Can we just take a moment to realize how sadistic this move is?  First and foremost, there is this little nugget of information here courtesy of Bulbapedia:

So the trainer, knowing good and damn well what the effects of seeing Mimikyu’s true form does to living things, pretty much just signed the death warrant and tried to kill, not faint it, but KILL that Tyranitar!  This is disturbing and fucked up on so many levels… and I am here for every moment of it folks!  Like I said earlier, Mimikyu is one of my favorite gen 7 mons, and this move will definitely be on the one that will be in my party!

What do y’all think about this new Z-Move?  Love it, hate it, meh it?  Will you be getting either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon when they release?  Let me know down in the comments!

Until next time, signing off from aboardthe airship!

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