Even More Weightlifting This Week!

This is super-ultra-mega late, but c’est la vie…  If you didn’t know by now, *deep breath* the 2017 Nike National University & Under 25 Championships powered by Rogue Fitness has been going on all weekend! *catches breath*  Competition is in Gainesville, Florida and started on April 6th and will be concluding on April 9th.  There has been so much weightlifting within the past week with this event, youth worlds, and the euro championships… Oh what a time to be alive…

According to the USAW site in regards to eligibility:

“The National University Championships is open to athletes in degree earning programs aged between 18 and 28, whilst the National Under 25 Championships is open to athletes aged 18 to 25. In both championships, foreign nationals studying or residing in the US are welcome to participate.”

This competition is a qualifier for the Summer Universiade.  If you have no idea what this even is, think of the Summer and Winter Universiades as the university versions of the Summer and Winter Olympics, respectively.  There will be many athletes competing across a wide array of sporting disciplines.  This year, the 2017 Summer Universiade will be held in Taipei, Taiwan (or Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote) and will occur from August 18th – 30th.  The weightlifting events (the only thing we’re actually giving a damn about, right now) will be held from August 20th – 25th.

Good Luck to all the athletes participating!  Below is the link to view the results and catch any remaining live streams.

*Live stream and results info*

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