Weightlifting from the 2017 Arnold

#adaylateandadollarshort but you all will just deal! Anyway, I went down to the Arnold on March 4th and it was amazing!  I had always wanted to go, but the people that would say they were down to go would flake out and plans would fall through.  My homeboy, Simoun, actually brought it up to me this year about going, and typically whatever Simoun says, he means. (See what I did there?)

The Arnold has a plethora of sporting events to check out as an alternative to standing in those oh so long lines to buy apparel and/or meet YouTube personalities.  We went strictly to view weightlifting and got down there in time to catch the men’s session 3 on Saturday.  This session did not disappoint as this is where some amazing lifts were made!  Kudos to ALL the athletes that lifted during the Arnold’s 4 day run.  If I play my cards right, maybe I’ll be competing in it next year!

Now, the reason this took so long to get up is that Adobe Premiere Pro intimidated the hell out of me, so it took forever to watch some tutorials and finally edit the videos.  Premiere Pro and I have become slightly acquainted with each other so any future vids shouldn’t have such a long delay.  At any rate, enjoy what I recorded!

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