2017 American Open: Series 1 is here!

Slightly a day late and a dollar short with this, but that’s quite alright!  Anywho, the 1st series for the American Open is underway this weekend in Reno, Nevada.

For the uninformed, the American Open is a huge national level meet that is held in December of every year.  In recent years, the number of participants has grown exponentially, resulting in more lifters and more sessions.  Normally, this is a wonderful thing, but running meets at this level with this rising number of lifters started to become cumbersome.  To circumvent this, three regional events were added leading up to the final American Open in December.  This year, Series 1 is taking place this weekend (March 16-19) in Reno, Nevada, Series 2 is July 28-31 in Miami, Florida, and finally, Series 3 is September 8-10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (which I hope to be competing in).  This culminates with the American Open Finals occurring December 8-10 in Anaheim, California.  The top three placements in each weight class qualify for the American Open Finals.  More information for the American Open Series can be found “here”.

With all of that said here is the main page on USA Weightlifting’s site with schedule, start list and live stream information.

American Open Series 1 info link

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