Stevenbomb 5 Starts This Week!

Has everyone got their DVRs set to record?  I’m so excited for this!  If you didn’t know, this week Steven Universe is returning and airing the latest Stevenbomb in a four day event entitled, “Out of this World”.  The whole week’s worth of episodes were leaked on the Cartoon Network app a few weeks ago, but then were quickly removed.  Unfortunately, in this day and age “quickly” isn’t fast enough, because by the time Cartoon Network removed the episodes, they had already been ripped and uploaded to YouTube by people that had seen it.  I haven’t viewed any of the leaked episodes because I planned on watching it when it originally airs to support the show.  Y’all should do the same also.  More ratings means the show gets to continue!  If possible let’s get Steven Universe trending on social media using the hashtags #stevenuniverse, #stevenbomb5 and using the episode titles as hashtags!

The schedule for Stevenbomb 5 goes as follows:

  • Steven’s Dream – 01.30.17 @ 7 pm est
  • *Adventures in Light Distortion – 01.30.17 @ 7:15 pm est
  • Gem Heist – 01.31.17 @ 7 pm est
  • The Zoo – 02.01.17 @ 7 pm est
  • That Will Be All – 02.02.17 @ 7pm est

*This episode is airing directly after Steven’s Dream

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