Persona 5 Delayed… AGAIN!!!!!

Property of Atlus

Property of Atlus

I knew it was too good to be true! Fans of the long standing Persona series are dealing with frustration and disappointment after it was revealed yesterday, via a livestream from Atlus, that the North American and European Persona 5 release dates have been delayed (yet again). This is the third time that the game’s release has been altered. What was suppose to be a February 14th release date (perfect for us lonely gamers on Valentine’s Day) is now pushed back to April 4th!
The reason for the delay has been mentioned as wanting to ensure that the English version of the script can parallel that of the Japanese version in the best way possible while still providing a fluid story.  This is something I can’t be too mad at though; I’d rather you take your time and get it right instead of rushing a half assed product.

All is not lost though!  As a consolation, we will be given free downloadable content in the form of dual audio options, which will allow the player to switch between English voice-over track and the Japanese voice-over track with English subtitles. This content will be available for the PS4 as well as the PS3.

I’ve been stood up by a damn video game! I can’t believe it!  Oh well, I suppose.  At least this gives me additional time to finish P3 FES, P4 and maybe start PQ!

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