Changes to Women’s Weightlifting

Pictured alongside Morghan King (48 kg) are Sarah Robles (+75 kg) and Jenny Arthur (75 kg) in two of the weight classes that will be affected.


Winds of destiny, change!

So apparently, there will be changes in the women’s weightlifting categories adding a 90 kg and +90 kg for senior and junior divisions and 75 kg and +75 kg for the youth divisions.

Honestly, this is a good addition, because just like men, women vary in size and 75 kg just doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility and comfort within the classes.

Especially, since women tend to carry more body fat than men. The jump between the current and newly approved weight classes gives enough wiggle room to play with varying body types.

Now,if we can just add another men’s weight class or two… 105 kg is just too light of a category to be right before the super heavy weights! Anyway… on the plus side though, the current women’s senior, junior and youth super heavyweight records will be immortalized once the change takes effect. Adding on to that, there is going to be a shit ton of records set in the new categories!

The Nerdy Weightlifter is outta here!


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